I am passionate about establishing the causes of your online presence through the content I make. 

This media kit is specifically curated for you / your company. 

Photography is the primary focus today, but the video focus will be followed up in future interactions. 

With each shoot, there is a sense of humble confidence that is to be conveyed. You will not only feel this in the final result, but even during the shooting process

A presnce you didn't know you had

what to

With most clothing brands, the "mood" or brand voice is the first thing to establish.
Photos are an important way to convey this online.


Culture has nearly perfected exaggeration and maximalism in fashion and design.
I marry this trend with a clean established feel. 

Staying relevant

With any shoot, establishing the environment is certainly a priority. This is considered when thinking about a shoot location. 

Feeling the Space

The Vibe

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