Hello! My name is Jefferson Sees; a photographer and videographer based in Gilbert Arizona. My goal in all of the content I create, is to deliver an authentic feeling. For photography, this could be expressed in a perfectly timed moment. For video, this could be recreating the experience of the event through visual storytelling. Ultimately, I want to inspire the viewer. In every person, group or company, there is a story to be told. And you are no exception.  

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
-Maya Angelou

My journey to become a photographers and a videographer all started with an idea. As a kid, I decided I wanted to be a film director when I grew up. I was obsessed with movies and their behind-the-scenes videos. There were so many layers to conveying a good story. This inspiration also came with a new love for photography. The details of the world around me fascinated me. I then found that I wanted to show a new angle to the way people could see the world. Whether this was through product, portrait or nature photography. I found there was a story to be told in each photo I took. The quote "oh picture is worth a thousand words" truly began to make sense. This then evolved into the love of video. Now, I had more control on the type of story I wanted to tell. Now, music, multiple layers of video, and graphics could all contribute to the feeling that the viewer would experience.
After much trial, error, and sucky videos, I began to understand how to entertain and inspire viewers. At the core of it all, I found that story is the focus and drive of any good photo or video. 


About Jefferson